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Digital Archiving: 
new modern way of data archiving.


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What is Digital Archiving?

Digital Archiving is a new modern way of data archiving.
It enables you to have your business documentation available not only on paper or files but also in a digital format on your computer, CD, DVD or USB memory stick.

How does dighrpapapira2.JPGital archiving work?

Basically, you bring us your documents on paper and we put them on a digital media of your choosing: CD, DVD or USB memory stick.
Thanks to modern technology and our staff's expertise, we can turn your archive from paper to digital in no time at all!

What are the advantages of digital archiving?

A digital archive takes up very little space. Now, you don't need shelves full of thick folders that take up a lot of your precious office space. Your entire archive can fit on just a few CDs or DVDs, and you can take work home in your pocket in stead of your briefcase!

Digital archiving enables you to have all of your business documentation only a few clicks of the mouse away. There is no need to waste your precious time going trough old, dusty files, looking for a misplaced document. Now, you can find any document in a just a few moments.

Browsing through documents is very easy and fast. Your documents can be sorted by a filing system of your choosing. You can choose to organize your documents chronologically (in the time order they were created in). Perhaps you'd prefer to sort your documents according to their content (for ex. contracts, offers, receipts…)? Maybe you would jus like to have your documents sorted alphabetically or by some other criteria? We can build your archive based on any of these criteria or all of them… the sky's the limit.

Your documents can be scanned and saved in a way that will enable you to edit them using text editors such as MS Word.

It is very simple to make more than one copy of your archive and store each copy in different places. That way, you can make shore that your important business documents won't be destroyed for good in a freak accident such as a fire or a flood or even sabotage.

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