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There isn't much Mali Ivica can't do with paper. He can punch wholes in it, bend or fold it. He can glue papers together or staple them. He can collate, group them or even make paper airplanes.

Our experienced staff will help you to choose the best solution for all your paper handling needs. Even if your paper handling needs don't fall under the category of our standard services, we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.


  • Stapling up to 200 pages
  • We can staple your papers in the corner, alongside the left paper margin or wherever you wish your papers to be stapled


  • Precise paper cutting of all your documents to the size of your choosing
  • Cutting of all types of paper


  • We can punch wholes alongside the left margin of the paper for folder binding
  • We can punch 2 or 4 wholes, depending on the type of bind you chose
  • Precise punching of large stacks of paper


  • We fold A3 format paper to A4 format size
  • We fold A4 format paper for envelope inserting
  • We fold all other standard and non-standard paper formats to the size of your choosing


  • Booklet finishing includes double stapling along the center line of the paper and folding  by half
  • Booklets are a great way to publish your brochures, bulletins, magazines…
  • We make A4 and A5 format booklets

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